Why Work With Crystallization Consulting?

Hands-on experience of Batch and Continuous Crystallization. With expertise in Chemistry and Science to address your specific System-Efficiency

  • Transit from Inception of your crystallization system and initial Research Results to Product Development and robust Production
  • Control Crystal Size from Nano to Macro, using practical and do-able  methods and  models that apply to organic and inorganic materials

Working with you to…

  • Control Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Control Quality in research, pilot plant, and manufacturing
  • Learn Factors for robust manufacturing that govern the control of crystallizations
  • Learn time saving techniques
  • Avoid costly Myth of Crystallization
  • Relate Crystal Size quantitatively to practical precipitation control variables
  • Learn simple and efficient correlations and plotting of experimental results as a function of experimental reaction variables
  • Learn using  ripening agents for macro-sizing and growth restrainers for nano-sizing to efficiently modify crystal size  from standard processes
  • Determine when, how, and why reactor volume and architecture,  and mixing and stirring may or may not affect your results
  • Learn modern crystallization science which is based on and fully supported by fundamental science,  and experimentally proven
  • Achieve improved, designed crystallizations
  • Increase Productivity

Who Can Benefit from Working with Crystallization Consulting?

  • Industry: Chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint & pigment, and others producing and using crystalline materials
  • Managers, Engineers, Scientists: who are responsible for product development and manufacturing
  • Chemical Engineers, Chemists, and other Scientists charged to design and control crystal size and size distribution
  • Faculty teaching, studying, and synthesizing crystalline materials in chemical, biological, biochemical, pharma, physics, and other sciences and Laboratories.

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 Better Crystals for better Products!