Controlled Continuous Precipitations Seminar

Precision Crystallization in the Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR, Mixed Suspension and Mixed Product Removal, MSMPR), Plug-Flow Reactor, and Seeded CSTR Reactor

Review of  the prior  Randolph – Larsen Model

The Balanced Nucleation and Growth (BNB) Model

Crystal Size as a Function of:

  • Suspension Density
  • Reaction Addition Rate
  • Residence Time
  • Solubility
  • Temperature

Derived Reaction Information:

  • Supersaturation and Supersaturation Ratio
  • Maximum Growth Rate of Crystals
  • Nascent Nuclei Size
  • Critical Crystal Size
  • Nucleation Rate
  • Growth/Nucleation Ratio

Crystal Growth in Seeded CSTR Crystallizations:

Factors determining Crystal Growth, Size, and Size Distribution:

  • Seed Addition Rate
  • Seed Size
  • Seed Morphology
  • Reactant Addition Rate
  • Reactor Residence Time