Batch Precipitations Seminar

Precision Crystallization in Controlled Batch Reactors

Introduction to Factors affecting Crystallization

Review of prior Nucleation Models

The Balanced Nucleation and Growth (BNG) Model

The Nucleation Phase

  • Modeling Factors for Crystal Size and Size Distribution
  • Critical Cluster Size
  • Nucleation Efficiency
  • Maximum Crystal Growth Rate
  • Reactant Addition Rate

The Analytical Model and Experiments

Nucleation under Diffusion controlled Growth Conditions

  • Surface Energy, Supersaturation, Diffusion Rate
  • Temperature
  • Solubility
  • Addition Rate
  • Ostwald Ripening Agents – Macro-Sizing
  • Renucleation

Nucleation under Kinetically controlled Growth Conditions  

  • Time-Dependence of Nucleation
  • Kinetic Integration Constant
  • Growth Restrainers – Nano-Sizing

Questions and Answers