Crystallization Seminars and Workshops


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These Sessions may be scheduled separately. A Full day seminar will provide both lectures.

Seminars and Workshops are effective to learn about basic, fundamental, science-based, and quantitative concepts for the control of crystallization, crystal size and size distribution.

Gain quantitative understanding and control of the effects of temperature, solubility, reactant addition rate, and ripening (macro-sizing) and restrainer (nano-sizing) agents on crystal size and size distribution.

Minimize number of experiments to the theoretical lowest limit, while maximizing information. Experimental examples support the models.

For Whom

Chemists, chemical engineers, and other scientists who need to control precipitation and crystallization processes.

Managers and others, who need to control quality, design, development, production processes, pilot plant operations, from R&D to manufacturing.

Faculty in Chemical Engineering and Material Science Departments who want to teach advanced courses in the unit operation of crystallization

Helpful: Basic knowledge of physical chemistry, chemical engineering, some knowledge of calculus and of process fundamentals

Course Benefits

Understand basic principles controlling crystal size and crystal size distribution in precipitations

Learn advanced principles and techniques to solve precipitation problems in batch and continuous processes.