Consulting Strategy

Aim of Crystallization Consulting

Optimization of your Batch and Continuous Crystallization Systems for controlling Crystal Size, Size Distribution, and Productivity from Inception through Manufacturing using practical experimental Control Parameters

Industrial Clients felt comfortable with these suggestions:

You and we agree on one day of consulting on premises of your choosing

Your experts present your product aims, restrictions, ideas and experimental results

We present an overview of our experience and fundamental understanding of the crystallization process. Your aims and experience will be included into the presentation to emphasize relevance. Your experts will learn to practically apply this information to proceed with the most promising process design.

Topics included in our presentation are:

Practical experimental control factors that are the focus of  the crystallizatione experience and knowledge base

Effects of reaction control variables: Crystal Solubility, Temperature, Reactant Addition Rate; and active addenda like Ripeners for controlled macro-sizing and Restrainers for controlled nano-sizing; crystallization by cooling or using non-solvents.

Included are: Reactor geometry, initial reaction volume and composition, and mixing and stirring, and their effects

Sharing hands-on experiences and theoretical knowledge in Batch and
Continuous Precipitations starting with research and extending to manufacturing

This phase of the visit should take up the morning of the meeting date.

The afternoon of the visit may be used for working with your experts on the design of experiments for your experimental plan

If desired, you and we may agree on continued cooperation

Academic Leaders and Institutions

New technical crystallization concepts will enhance seamless interaction with your Industrial and Research Clients for translation of your results into products

Teaching the concepts will add novel concepts of ‘Precision control of crystallization’ to your teaching portfolio.

Providing your Students with a unique added knowledge base for more successful job-search

Your crystallization knowledge and experimental work will be enhanced and deepened, leading to presentations and publications

Previous work may be evaluated with the new concepts, may provide additional insights and publications

You may contact us to teach Seminars to You, You and your Colleagues, and your Students