Crystallization Services


Optimizing your Batch and Continuous Crystallization Systems from Inception through Manufacturing in order to control Crystal Size, Size Distribution, and Productivity


Our Clients found this first consulting suggestion useful:

You and we agree on a one day exchange of information and consulting at a venue of your choosing

Your Experts inform us about your Product Aims and their Experiments and Ideas

We share with you our experimental and  fundamental understanding of the Crystallization Process, so that you can proceed with effective Process Designs. We will include your Aims and Experience in our presentation  indicating points of relevance for you System

Practical Experimental Controls are the Focus of our Experience and Knowledge Base. You will use the following  for Precision Size Control:
Crystal Solubility, Temperature, Reactant Addition Rate, and active addenda like Ripeners for controlled efficient macro-sizing and Restrainers for efficient nano-sizing. Please, note that the use of Supersaturation is not required  eitheras  a measuring or  control variable

The Benefit from our hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in Batch and Continuous Precipitations will start with Research and extend to Manufacturing

Academic Institutions may consider these Benefits

The Concepts of the BNG theory are essential so that you will be able to seamlessly interact with your Industrial and Research Clients

Teaching these concepts will allow you to include ‘Precision Control of Crystallization’ into your teaching portfolio. This topic is not taught in the majority of Science Departments around the World

Your Students will have a unique added knowledge base for more successful Job applications

We are available to work with you on developing Seminars or teach the concepts to You, your Colleagues, and your Students