New Cosmology

The Big Bang as a Crystallization Process

  • Solar-Planetary and Universal Stability

  • The origin of Gravity and its relationship to other Energies

  • The Graviton

Background on the New Cosmology

  1. The author’s background in science and crystallization suggested the application of the Crystallization Process to  the Formation of the Universe and its constituents
  2. It is generally accepted that during the Big Bang a pool of pure energy was converted into electrons and protons which are the building blocks of the Universe. The third (semistable) particle type, neutrons, decays into electrons and protons outside the atomic nucleus. The pre-Big Ban energy is thus transformed into particles, that is, energy is conserved during the Big Bang. The Big Bang was thus modeled as a Crystallization Process
  3.  A Causative Relationship between Gravity and the other Energies of the Universe is the result of the particle formation process 
  4. The reverse process is the conversion of mass to photons which leads to the dissociation of the Universe, which had never before been modeled with the respect to the stability of the Universe, planetary and galactic systems. This modeling is reported by the author.
  5. The Reassembly of the Universe is occuring due to Relativistic Gravity Doubling due to Mass to Photon Conversion and the incorporation of photons into black holes
  6. The New Cosmology bypasses the need for Dark Matter and Negative Energy

Dynamic modeling of the Universe and its components

Since the formation of the Universe, mass is steadily converted to photons. This mass loss is associated with loss of gravitational cohesion between the masses in the Universe. This loss of cohesion is quantitatively modeled for the interaction between the Sun and its planets and the Universe as a whole

  •  Solar system modeling predicts that the Planets have been separating from the Sun since the formation of the Solar System
  • As a result, all Planets were significantly closer to the Sun at the time of the formation of the Solar System versus the present
  • The planets will totally separate from the Solar System, starting with the outermost mass objects
  • There is no Oort Cloud
  • Mars,  why and when of wet? is the result of its prior closer orbit to the Sun, higher exposure to solar radiation, and the transition from above to below the freezing point of water about 3.6 billion years ago. This is in excellent agreement with recent evaluation of Mars data which indicate the water to ice transition about 3.7 billion years ago.
  • Hubble Constant  was determined to be the universal Mass and Gravity loss Rate of the Universe.

The Graviton

Einstein concluded and observations confirmed that photons carry twice the gravity compared to mass of equal energy. This fact led to the conclusion that  photons double as gravitons. Applying this effect to the process of mass to photon conversion predicts that gravity is doubled during this process. This process is referred to as relativistic gravity doubling. Thus, the overall gravity of the Universe proportionally to mass loss.

  • Photons are  Gravitons

The observation that photons double as gravitons led to the suggestion that gravitational experiments may be performed in the laboratory by varying the conentration of light. Neutral particles, like the neutron, are suggested to test the gravitational power of photons independent of electronic effecs (electrons and protons). 

This information was presented at scientific meetings, submitted for publication, censured, rarely reviewed and roundly rejected for not being in agreement with current thinking.

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